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Pricing Information

We carry a large variety of woods, our most popular and what we recommend is our mix. The mix consists of 20% soft wood, Fir and Pine to get the fire started. The 80% hard wood is a mixture of Eucalyptus, Walnut, some Oak or Almond, also maybe a little Elm or Maple. The hard woods burn hotter and longer.

We also offer wood by the cart and by the bag. See Smaller Quantity - Pick Up Only pricing below.

Stacking Deliveries are wood dumped in driveway. We do offer a stacking service Call for Pricing!

Pricing quoted are if stacking area is within 20 ft. of where truck would stop. Further areas require more time and labor resulting in a higher stacking fee.

Woods for Smoking/Cooking

Choose the right wood to make the perfect smoke when cooking or BBQ'ing. More Info Click Here »

Call for Pick Up and Delivery Pricing

Oak, Almond, Cherry, Walnut or Madrone *Call for Pricing!*
Eucalyptus *Call for Pricing!*
Mix (80% Hardwood, 20% Softwood (Fir, Pine or Nubbins) *Call for Pricing!*
Double-Split wood - *Call for Pricing!*

*** 1/2 cord fits a full size pickup with an 8 foot bed***
***1/3 cord fits a full size pickup with a 6 foot bed***
***1/4 cord fits a full size pickup with a 5 foot bed***

Smaller Quantity - Pick Up Only

Carts - 6 Cubic Feet

Bags of Wood - 2 Cubic Feet
CHERRY/APPLE:*Call for Pricing!*

"Scrappy" Kindling:*Call for Pricing!*
Split Douglas Fir Kindling: *Call for Pricing!*
Bags of Mesquite Charcoal:*Call for Pricing!*


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